It’s simple! Simply begin your search here and use the filters to narrow down your plan options based on style, size, features, and other factors. Not finding what you’re looking for? For a fee, any house plan can be customised, so if you can’t find the “perfect plan,” we can work with you to fine-tune it, or you can order a modifiable plan and make your changes locally. We want to assist you, so please contact us at above contact
Each city, state, province, and subdivision may have its own set of codes and regulations that have been judged to be the most effective for the community. Our plans are designed to comply with national building code standards at the time and place of design, but they are not generally updated for any particular region. Many areas, such as site plans, structural engineering, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) plans, energy code compliance, and local code upgrades, require additional steps after you have purchased your plans, so be sure to budget for what is required in your location. Before you begin your project, you should contact us with your local building official.

Local requirements for snow loads, energy codes, soil and seismic characteristics, and a variety of other location-specific planning issues may need changes to your plans. We strongly urge that you obtain guidance from a homebuilder or engineer to examine local planning regulations before ordering blueprints. Before filing for a permit or starting construction, you should speak with your local building official.

We grant you permission to utilise our blueprints on the condition that you follow all applicable local building rules, zoning requirements, and other applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, and conditions established by your planning commission. Options for adaptable plans are available to meet any local requirements.

Some cities and states require that a state-licensed architect or engineer review and “seal” a blueprint to unofficially approve it prior to construction after a compliance review is done. Prior to application for a building permit or the start of construction, we strongly advise that you consult your contractor and local building department to see if such a review is required. Areas that have heavy rain and snow, earthquakes, coastal conditions, floods and high wind will usually require additional engineering to plans. Please contact us
A walkout basement features an exterior exit door or doors, usually on the back or one side of the house. Basements with walkouts are appropriate for homes constructed on sloping lots. We recommend that any plans requiring a walkout basement be assessed by a local engineer to quantify any bracing that may be required due to shifting soils.Please contact us for further info
We often request photographs from our customers and plan designers, and we do upload many new photos every week. If the plan you like does not have photos displayed, it is likely we have not been able to get photographs yet. Please contact one of our Plan Advisors for more photos.Please contact us for further info
The cost of building a new home varies greatly based on the location, the level of finish (tile, trim, window quality, etc…), and the construction site. Using the same software that many insurance firms and house appraisers use, we can generate a “cost to build” estimate. Notes on the Cost to Build service include the following: When you’ve decided on a plan, click the “Cost-to-Build” button to get a cost estimate section for it.Please contact us for further info
All of our blueprints include the fundamental drawings that are required for the construction of a home. However, because each designer provides varying levels of detail, the exact contents of each plan may vary. Make sure to read the details on each plan’s detail page to see what it offers. You can contact us or use the plan page to file a request for clarification. Your designs will be created to a scale of 14 inches or bigger, and will include the following information: Foundation Plan: 1/4 scale “This page includes all relevant notations and dimensions, such as support columns, walls, and excavated and unexcavated regions, to scale. Exterior Elevations: A blueprint image of all four sides, showing exterior materials and dimensions. Floor Plan(s): Plans are drawn to a scale of 1/4 inch “Each level has a scale that depicts room proportions, wall divisions, windows, and the positioning of electrical outlets and switches. cross section: From the roof to the foundation, a vertical cutaway view of the house shows elements of framing, building, flooring, and roofing.Please contact us for further info
You get a limited copyright release with your plans when you buy a PDF, Reproducible Master, or CAD set. This gives you the legal authority to reproduce the original design, make changes, or seal the plans with the help of a local architect and engineer (if required). From each of these options, you can print directly onto large-format sheets (to scale).Please contact us for further info
Depending on how many persons are involved in the permitting and building process, the average builder will want 5 to 8 copies of the plan. For this reason, we frequently ship blueprints in bundles of 5 or 8 copies. You can print copies locally for your municipality, builder, and subcontractors if you order a PDF, Reproducible Master, or CAD set.Please contact us for further info
Yes, but we won’t be able to “reduce” the entire plan. Doorways, hallways, window widths, and other sections that must remain constant in size cannot be lowered. To decide where improvements can be made, we must examine each section of the house. To explain any specific plan revisions, please contact one of our Plan Advisors at our helpline.Please contact us for further info
Yes , Doorways, hallways, kitchen and bath arrangements, and closets are all frequent areas that will need to be modified. It is necessary to have the necessary width to manoeuvre and turn around within the residence in order to be wheelchair accessible.Please contact us for further info

Plan changes typically take four weeks to complete, while some tasks can be completed sooner. Larger plans or those with intricate adjustments may take longer – up to eight weeks in some situations. Even yet, having a custom strategy designed locally is usually faster.

We charge anything from $2.00 to $3.00 per square foot for this service. If you have an idea for a custom plan, we’d be pleased to look at it and give you an estimate. 

All our plans are copyrighted house plans, all sales are final, and no refunds or exchanges will be given after you have received your plans. We may be able to offer a discount on a replacement plan if you decide you can’t build the house for which you ordered blueprints. Make sure you do your homework before obtaining plans to ensure you get a house plan (and a home) that you adore.



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